Presidential election: second ballot on July 9

2017-06-27 11:30:11
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The General Election Commission has fixed the date of the second ballot of presidential election on July 9.

The General Election Commission Tuesday announced the preliminary results of the presidential election.

Democratic Party candidate Kh.Battulga led the ballot with 517,478 votes (38.1 percent), whereas Mongolian People’s Party candidate M.Enkhbold followed with 411,748 (30.3 percent) with Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party candidate S.Ganbaatar collecting 409,899 votes (30.19 percent).

Since neither party won the ballot with majority of votes, the situation calls for a second ballot, which is the first in Mongolian history.

As such, DP candidate Kh.Battulga and MPP candidate M.Enkhbold will stand in the run-off. Overseas voters will cast their votes on July 4. 

At the press conference, Chairman of the General Election Commission Ch.Sodnomtseren confirmed that voter turnout was 68.27 percent on the national level which indicates that 1,357,788 voters partook in the election.