Speaker of parliament and President of Chamber of Deputies hold official talks

2015-09-10 11:44:38

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Chairman of the State Great Khural (parliament) of Mongolia Z.Enkhbold; and the President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Mr Jan Hamacek Wednesday held official talks in the State House.

Beginning the talks, Mr Enkhbold thanked the Czech delegation for visiting here to attend the 25th anniversary of the first democratic elections of Mongolia, and wished them a nice trip to Mongolia.

Expressing thanks to the Speaker for a warm audience, Mr Hamacek emphasized his visit is coincided with the anniversary of the Mongolian first democratic elections, and congratulated Mongolians on the event.

Mr Hamacek hoped that his visit will contribute to expanding the Mongolia-Czech traditional friendly relations and to ties of the legislative bodies, and then said he is glad for widening of the collaboration between the Parliamentary Offices.

“Mongolia has successfully done political reforms and developed the democracy in 25 years, becoming an exemplary nation to its region. This has been proven by the forthcoming ASEM Summit to be held in 2016 in Ulaanbaatar,” Mr Hamacek underlined.

"There are many things to make our countries closer. There are also many works to enhance our cooperation, so the Czech Republic aspires to expand the cooperation with Mongolia in all spheres. Enhancing the cooperation with Mongolia could bring opportunities for the Czech Republic to boost the collaboration with Asian countries,” Mr Hamacek said.

He said that the countries are possible to support the cooperation between entities, and Mongolian companies have an opportunity to learn Czech technologies, to share experiences and to collaborate in the construction sector.

The visa-free agreement for Czech citizens to travel Mongolia has contributed to widening the inter-citizen ties and to boost the tourism, Mr Hamacek said, hoping that the direct flight between Prague and Ulaanbaatar will open soon.

In response, the Speaker of parliament Mr Enkhbold expressed the satisfaction with visiting of the Czech delegation led by Mr Hamacek in times of the 65th anniversary of the bilateral diplomatic relations, and added he is glad for widening of the bilateral relations and cooperation in the areas of politics, defense, economy, agriculture, health, infrastructure and environment.

Saying that the Czech Republic was the first country among former socialist countries to render official assistance for development to Mongolia, the Speaker expressed his satisfaction with a development of the bilateral ties and cooperation in the defense, education, science and the inter-citizen ties.

Mr Enkhbold emphasized an importance of the Mongolia-Czech parliamentary group at the State Great Khural--a main mechanism of supporting the inter-parliamentary ties--which started in 2000. He said this group plays a vital role in the bilateral economic and cultural cooperation.

The Speaker hoped many delegates of Czech parliament will participate in the upcoming autumn session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) to be held on September 15-19, 2015 in Ulaanbaatar. He thanked the Czech parliament for ratifying the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement established between Mongolia and the European Union (EU) in 2013.

The sides also exchanged views on the bilateral cooperation in politics, trade, economy and energy sectors.

Mr Hamacek invited the Speaker to visit the Czech Republic to continue the talks on the inter-parliament ties.

Present at the official talks were O.Baasankhuu, head of the Standing committee on petitions; M.Zorigt, deputy head of the inter-parliamentary group at the State Great Khural; S.Lambaa, an advisor to the Speaker; B.Boldbaatar, the Secretary-General of the Parliamentary Office; D.Gankhuyag, the State Secretary of the Foreign Ministry; Ts.Narantungalag, chair of the External Relations Section of the Parliamentary Office; and other officials.