New brucellosis laboratory improves Mongolia’s diagnostic capacity

2015-09-10 13:50:06

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A Livestock Reference Laboratory for Brucellosis opened at the Mongolian State Central Veterinary Laboratory on September 3, 2015 will improve the country’s capacity to diagnose the disease in animals in line with international standards, the website of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) said Wednesday.

Bacteriologist J. Monkhgerel explains the functions of equipment at the newly established laboratory for brucellosis.

“We are now able to  diagnose livestock  brucellosis at world standards” said State Central Veterinary Laboratory Director Ch. Ganzorig. “This means we are making a step forward in improving food security for consumers and are safeguarding public health issues,”

Money of MNT 200 million (CHF 100,000) laboratory was backed with international expertise and trainings for laboratory staff.

“We received numerous trainings by international experts on using the cutting-edge technologies and equipment in brucellosis diagnosis thanks to support from the Swiss-funded Animal Health Project,” said J. Monkhgerel.

Ms Monkhgerel said the state-of-art diagnosis of brucellosis would help to improve the national brucellosis control strategy. “It will also help to eliminate human brucellosis in the future,”

SDC in Mongolia’s Head of Programme Daniel Valenghi said: “It is a part of the technical assistance from the Swiss Government to Mongolia in reforming the veterinary sector. With the collaboration in improving Mongolia’s diagnostic system, we envision a dramatic drop in the incidence of human brucellosis, which is currently about five percent of the entire population,”