Prime Minister Saikhanbileg holds official meeting with Li Keqiang

2015-09-11 19:39:07

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Within a working visit to China, the Prime Minister of Mongolia Mr Ch.Saikhanbileg Thursday held an official meeting with Mr Li Keqiang, the Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China (PRC).

The parties have exchanged views on the Mongolia-China relations and the economic and trade cooperation, and discussed issues of intensifying a course of joint big projects being implemented in the infrastructure and energy sectors. Moreover, the Mongolian side has put forward a proposal to supply meat and meat products costing USD 1 billion to China, and then sides considered as necessity to realize this proposal.

“China agreed with Mongolia to give a soft-loan of USD 1 billion during a visit of the PRC President Mr Xi Jinping to Mongolia in 2014. In accordance with this, the government of Mongolia has decided to finance the biggest projects with the soft-loan, and the China’s side set a condition for Mongolia to finance 15% of the projects, while the 85% of it will be financed by the China’s side with 2 per cent interest in a period of 20 years,” Mr Saikhanbileg said, and then asked the China’s side to prolong this period to 30 years.

The sides also discussed matters on augmenting a size of the Swap agreement between the Bank of Mongolia and the People’s Bank of China, and then related bodies of the countries concurred to hold talks on facilitating the soft-loan of China.