Janicki Omniprocessor machine might be installed in Mongolia

2015-09-14 13:24:05

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A member of the State Great Khural (parliament) Ts.Oyungerel legged last week the Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation headquarted in Seattle, within her visit to the USA.

The parliamentarian met Mr Brian Arbogast, a director of the Foundation’s program on water and hygiene, to ask him to support Mongolia in installing in Ulaanbaatar a small-sized factory of processing garbage,  called Janicki Omniprocessor. As of today, such an omniprocessor has been  operating only in Dakar city of Senegal with a support from this Foundation.

“This machine has not been tested in a country of cold weather. In order to do so, a training is needed for Mongolian engineers, and a collaborate may follow it. We are ready to launch the cooperation with Mongolia in building the first factory,” said Arbogast.

After this Oyungerel legged the Bioenergy Company which produces the omniprocessor machines. The machine’s inventor Mr Peter Janicki presented to the MP the Janicki S200 model and said the company is ready to cooperate with Mongolia by installing the machine in Mongolia.