Mayor of Seoul visiting

2015-09-21 17:10:57

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Mayor of South Korea’s Seoul city Park Won-soon is visiting Ulaanbaatar by invitation of the Ulaanbaatar city's Mayor Mr E.Bat-Uul aand on occasion of the 20th anniversary of the friendship relations between the cities.

The two met on Monday. Mr Bat-Uul noted that the two capital cities have been friendly with each other for 20 years and are actively collaborating in many spheres, for example, by way of  introducing electronic card system in our public transportation. He said the cooperate may cover also air pollution and other biggest projects related to roads, transportation, infrastructure and re-planning of ger areas.

In response, the guest expressed a satisfaction with meeting with the Ulaanbaatar Mayor and  hoped that the cooperation will enhance and the inter-city partnership will broaden.

The S.Korean delegation--some 100 officials--will attend an experience-sharing forum between the cities. Several cooperation memorandums will also be established on urban planning, roads, transportation and improving air quality.    

The visiting group comprises delegates of the SH Corporation, the Water Authority of Seoul, the General Authority of Water Provision, other business and media people.

The visit of the Seoul Mayor will continue until September 23. 


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