Independent MPs: We will back a dismissal of S.Bayartsogt

2015-10-01 14:32:20

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Soon after the opening of the regular autumn session of the State Great Khural, the independent MPs Ts.Davaasuren, Kh.Bolorchuluun and S.Ganbaatar called a press conference to annouce that are ready to back a dismissal of the Minister and head of Cabinet Secretariat S.Bayartsogt.

"This will be settled at the plenary meeting of parliament on October 2," they said.

The State Great Khural has been criticized for discussing an issue of the Minister’s ousting so early in the autumn session, "nevertheless, it should be understood as parliament's evaluation of the Ministers, working at the cabinet”, said Kh.Bolorchuluun.

“The Constitutional Court has concluded that it is a violation of the Constitution when an MP intiates  a proposal on dismissing a member of the cabinet but it is wrong, it is a political conspiracy because the proposal on firing Bayartsogt had been submitted by O.Baasankhuu MP before the CC's conclusion, so parliament must consider this issue, moreover, parliament will not accept the CC's decision," Davakhuu added. 




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