Ulaanbaatar and Novosibirsk sign Sisterhood

2015-10-08 18:17:32

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Mayor of Ulaanbaatar E.Bat-Uul visited Novosibirsk city of Russia on October 6, invited by the city’s Mayor Anatoly Lokot. The two signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation and tied Sisterhood connections between our capital city and the third most populous city in Russia. The cities agreed to exchange permanent missions.

From Ulaanbaatar’s side, offers have been made to cooperate in the maintenance of the old apartment buildings, constructed by former Soviet workers, to distribute heat in ger (national dwelling) areas without centralized heat system, and in productions of meat, dairy products, leather, wool and cashmere, as well as in scientific and technological studies.

Mayor of Novosibirsk appreciated the presentation of these projects and suggested that the authorities of the two cities set up working groups and put the projects into business.

 During the visit, eight cooperation MoUs were signed concerning sciences, education, health, construction, agriculture, investment and tourism sectors at the investment forum, organized by the UB City and Novosibirsk. This forum attracted the business people from both countries.

After this, the chairperson of the UB City Mayor’s Office B.Badral and the chairman of the Energy Committee of Novosibirsk M.A.Grekhov inked a MoU on maintenance of outside linings and elevators of old apartment buildings in Ulaanbaatar. So, the 1,700 five-, nine and twelve-story apartment buildings, assembled in the Soviet era, will be repaired by Russian builders, funded from Novosibirsk.

On the sidelines of his visit, E.Bat-Uul legged the Siberian Academy of Agriculture and proposed  cooperating in establishing a Veterinarian center in Ulaanbaatar and increasing Mongolia’s meat export to Russia.

In response, a director of the academy A.S.Donchenko accepted the proposal with a pleasure and said, “We need your assistance just as much as you need ours”. He said the academy wants to study special features of Mongolian cows that put out fair amount of meat and milk in such harsh climate and grazing conditions. The particular interests are in the “sarlag” (yak) “khainag” (cross breed between a yak and a Mongolian bull or cow), he said.

The UB Mayor conveyed greeting and an invitation of the chairman of the UB Citizens Representatives Khural to the chairman of Novosibirsk Council of Deputies D.V.Asantsev. He accepted the invitation and pledged to cooperate with Ulaanbaatar on policy level. During this meeting, Mr Asantsev proudly recalled his time of military service in Mongolia.

A working group has been formed, headed by a UB citizens’ representative B.Enkh-Amgalan, to implement follow-ups to the Mayor’s visit to Novosibirsk.


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