Mongolia will boost ties with Italy in parliamentary, cultural and arts spheres

2015-10-26 14:31:09

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ In a scope of his official visit to Italy October 23-24, Mongolia's Minister of Foreign Affairs L.Purevsuren held meetings with Mr Pier Ferdinando Casini, a Chairman of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Immigration of the Senate, and with Ms Antonia Pasqua Recchia, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities and Tourism.

The FM Purevsuren and Mr Casini emphasized a significance of the inter-parliamentary ties in boosting the bilateral relations and cooperation. It is important to back the direct relations between the Parliamentary Offices in order to forward the ties between, they added. Italy’s Senate will support opening of the Embassy in Mongolia, Mr Casini pointed out and said he will fulfill necessary works in near future for ratifying the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between Mongolia and the European Union, at the Italian parliament.

The FM shared views with Ms Antonia Pasqua Recchia about intensifying the bilateral cooperation in the cultural sector, for example, opening the Mongolian Cultural Center in Italy, co-organizing concerts and joint exhibitions and collaborating in preparing linguists, cultural experts and professional translators in order to deliver languages and culture of the countries.

Mr Purevsuren proposed co-organizing complex measures of culture dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the bilateral diplomatic relations to be marked in 2020, and expressed a willingness to launch a preparation for it.

Within the visit, the FM also got acquainted with Italian experiences in hosting the ASEM Summit-2014 and the EXPO 2015 in Milan. He met the secretary-general of the EXPO-2015 Organizing Committee to share views on organization of such big events.

He also addressed an opening of the Mongolian Cultural Days in Milan.

At a meeting with Mr Giuliano Pisapia, the Mayor of Milan, the sides exchanged views on boosting cooperation with Milan, supporting the collaboration in the small- and middle-sized productions, developing cooperation with the La Scala Theatre, and in preparing professional singers, producers and conductors.