Shivee Energy Complex Project to commence

2015-10-27 14:11:37

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The cabinet resolved on Monday to establish a project implementing unit at “Erdenes Mongol” LLC to prepare for the development of an energy complex, based on the strategic coal deposit – Shivee Ovoo.

Minister of Energy D.Zorigt was assigned to form and manage the steering committee, whereas “Erdenes Mongol” LLC CEO B.Byambasaikhan--to finance and support the project implementation. Preparing to commence the project, the Energy Minister’s working group had organized required meetings with Chinese professionals, and had given them sufficient information on legal environment of Mongolia, Shivee Ovoo's mine operations and water reserves.

Based on the project’s potential water supply, coal mining operations, preliminary engineering plan and other data, the Chinese professionals suggested building a complex with 34 million TPA of coal production capacity, 9,240 MWT high-tech power plant with installed air-cooled condenser, and 800kW current lines with 8.0 million kW transmitting capacity.

By implementing this project, Mongolia is expecting to become an energy exporting country through circulating portion of 150 billion tons of coal reserves. In frames of the project implementation, environmentally-friendly latest high tech and new investments will be introduced, the budget revenue will increase, and skillful cadres will be prepared, the cabinet considers.