Working group formed to enhance legal environment of defense

2015-10-28 15:02:47

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Standing committee on security and foreign policy on October 27 set up a working group obliging it to sophisticate the defense laws by developing drafts in regard to the recently adopted “Fundamentals of the Defense Policy”.

It has been headed by J.Enkhbayar MP and comprises M.Batchimeg, D.Bat-Erdene, L.Bold, Ts.Tsolmon and N.Enkhbold MPs.

After this, the committee discussed about reading a draft resolutions and amendments submitted by the President on October 20--a bill on Permanent Neutrality of Mongolia and associated-to-it draft amendments to the Law on Public Holidays, a draft resolution on some measures to be taken in regard to adopting of the bill,  draft amendments to the annex of resolution on adopting the Concept of National Security and to the Concept of Foreign Policy of Mongolia.

The Bill on Permanent Neutrality has been prepared on the basis of a National Security Council recommendation and the Government resolution that considered the principles of neutrality, which Mongolia pursued for the last 25 years, should be legalized as a policy of permanent neutrality, informed Ch.Onorbayar, the President’s legal policy adviser.

Legal motives for the bill were the neutral principles, reflected in the Constitution of Mongolia, Law on Free-of Nuclear-Weapon Status, the Concept of National Security, the Concept of Foreign Policy, Basis of the State Defense Policy, the United Nations Statute and Mongolia’s documented ties with other countries, as well as its membership in the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

The bill has three chapters and 11 articles, and requires changes in the concept of national security and foreign policy of Mongolia.

As N.Nomtoibayar MP suggested that the Standing committee discuss the issue in a closed regime.