State Lion conquers wrestling for Great Khaan’s birthday

2015-11-13 13:36:21

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On the 853rd birth anniversary of Chingis Khaan and the Day of Mongolian Pride, a State Lion-titled P.Burentogs from Davst soum of Uvs aimag won the dedication wrestling competition. A State Falcon L.Tserentogtokh became the runner-up.

Burentogs has taken part in seven competitions since the opening of wresting season–last fall, in six of which he has been challenged for the victory.

In the absence of State Champions, the young wrestlers bearing aimag and military titles made great performances. Specifically, the young Lion Ch.Khokhchirenger from Khovsgol aimag made it to the final four, after beating State-titled Falcons Ch.Ganzorig and E.Dash, State Elephant M.Osokhbayar and State Lion N.Batsuuri. He was defeated by the champion of this competition P.Burentogs in the semi-final.

Lion is a title awarded upon the wrestler, who won a Naadam wrestling. If the wrestler wins for his second time in Naadam, he is titled Avarga (Champion in Mongolian).

Title Falcon is given to wrestlers who defeated their rivals in five wins straight in Naadam competitions. Depending on a number of participants, the wrestling competitions can have 6-10 wins (rounds).

Naadam wrestling is the biggest event that often has nine and ten wins. The second biggest competitions are dedicated to Tsagaan Sar–the Lunar New Year.