Mongolian-Russian environmentalists’ team collars their second snow leopard

2015-11-23 15:17:55

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A research team, led by environmental scientists of Mongolia and the Russian Federation, have put a GPS collar around a snow leopard’s neck

It happened during their expedition in Tsagaan Shuvuut (White Bird) natural reservation in Sagil soum of Uvs aimag October 26-November 16.

Collaring a snow leopard with GPS allows the researchers to keep track of the animal’s location and movement, monitor and get necessary information about the habitat’s life. During the collaring, the  scientists took a blood sample and all kinds of measurements from the male snow leopard, weighing 39 kg. The team named him “Orgil” ("summit" in Mongolian). This the second snow leopard they have collared.

The research team included Mongolians N.Lkhamsuren, a zoologist and a specialist at the State Special Protection Area Administration of the banks of Uvs Lake; O.Tserenjav, a preservationist of the Tsagaan Shuvuut natural reservation; and B.Monkhtsog, an academician at Mongolia's Academy of Sciences and the director of Mongolia Leopard Center; and the Russians–Aleksandr Kuksin, a deputy director in charge of academic researches of the Uvs Lake Depression Natural Reservation Administration; Andrei Poyarkov, an academician at the Moscow-based Ecology-Evolution Institute named after A.N.Severtsov; a senior specialist Dmitrii Aleksandrov; and Dr Jose Antanno Ernamdee-Blanco.