Ch.Saikhanbileg gives report

2015-12-04 17:33:26

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg gave a report at a plenary meeting of the parliamentary session on Friday on current measures being taken in the social insurance sector.

He did it at a request of the Mongolian People’s Party’s faction. He presented actions being run by government in four directions to solve problems facing the social insurance and to reduce the interest of pension credit.

Within a goal for upgrading the system of social insurance, the 2012-2016 action programme of the government reflects objectives such nas intensifying the pension reforms, introducing multi-functional pension system, renovating health insurance system, refining legal environment for social insurance, and augmenting pensions and allowances depending on inflation rate and labor productivity.

In order to fulfill all this, parliament passed a draft amendment to the law on the health insurance, the Premier reminded the MPs. With an aim to fulfill a realization of the laws and legal documents on the social insurance, the government is focusing on a control over expenses of the insurance fund, on providing the social insurance sphere with professional and methodological assistance, on having inspectors maintain professional ethics, on improving the working responsibilities, on enhancing legal knowledge of employers and insurers, and on tackling any requests and complains from citizens and institutions, he said.

The Premier also talked about other measures for a general monitoring over granting pensions and allowance as well as the pension credit for elders.

After him, N.Nomtoibayar MP presented a conclusion of the MPP’s faction to the Premier’s report.