Snuff-bottle 'Huurug'

2016-02-08 17:23:12

Khoorog or snuff-bottle is a tool of Mongolians to respect and greet. It is considered snuff-bottle was originated from Europe and it entered into Asia, becoming one of the cultural pieces of China and Manchu.

Snuff-bottle is believed to be introduced in Mongolia in 17-18th centuries. At that time snuff-bottle was popular among dignitaries and autocrats, but it became commonplace among folks in mid of 18th century. Mongolians refer the snuff-bottle as a valuable item. The worth increases time to time depending on its level of material and owner, so the snuff-bottle is usually made of gemstones. There are some facts that the most expensive snuff-bottles are equivalent to prices of Lamborghini or Maybach, some of them even have larger prices.

            In present time, Mongolians still use snuff-bottle. These snuff-bottles in the glass boxes are the historical and cultural pieces of Mongolia, which are collected at the Mongolian National Museum of History. The exhibition is displaying the snuff-bottles made of chalcedony, agate, firestone, moss agate, nacre, sand stone, amber, crystal, elephant tusk and wood roots. They were used by dignitaries and ordinary people. For example, it is showing the snuff-bottles that were used by an outstanding political figure in times of Manchu Dynasty to the Mongolian revolution Tserendorj; a famous scholar and politician Jamsrannorov; and one of the tallest Mongolians “Tall” Gongor. Snuff-bottle is not only a box of snuff tobacco, but also it is a decoration. Its bag is also made with beautiful decorations. These snuff-bottle bags are made, taking a long-time with skillful and unique threads. One of the bags costs about 10 thousand US dollars.

            Greeting with snuff-bottles, the traditional Lunar New Year of Mongolians is approaching. The snuff-bottle constantly becomes a main topic among Mongolians in times of the Lunar New Year.  

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