PM orders to accelerate connection of electricity

2016-03-10 12:01:21

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Primary methods of reducing smoke in Ulaanbaatar are to reduce coal usage and to increase an electricity consumption, "so it is vital for us to provide the city with a reliable and cheap source of energy," said Ch.Saikhanbileg PM at “Hour for solutions” weekly meeting, on Wednesday at the “UB electricity delivery network” company.

He noted that the UB city "has 'warmly' overcome this sometimes minus 40C winter", and thanked the energy authorities for their providing the people with the nice heating.

He said that a commissioning, with money from the “Chingis” bonds, of the expansions of the 3rd and 4th thermal power stations and of a new “Amgalan” power plant in th city's Bayanzurkh district has given outcomes. He added that a construction of “Baganuur” and “Booroljuut” power plants near Ulaanbaatar are expected to launch this spring.

An executive director of the “UB electricity delivery network” company S.Tomorkhuu spoke about their company and its technical difficulties, and underlined a necessity to make a policy decision on supporting the private sector’s investments and running of the energy sector in a new atmosphere. The Premier appreciated that the company receives opinions and requests of consumers through electronic devices and provided them with a chance to obtain information about payments and checking issues.

A period of connecting the capital city to new sources of electricity was cut to 79 days in 2015 and to 126 days in 2013, he noted and ordered the company to shrink this period to 40 days and to cut a number of work units. 

After witnessing the calling center and dispatcher at the company, the PM gave obligations to the company’s authorities and the Procurement Authority to calculate the connection works, to quickly organize a purchase of products and services in a transparent for people manner, and to properly resolve tax issues in connection with payment for the electricity connection.