Environment minister meets JICA Representative

2017-11-23 15:17:06
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Environment and Tourism Minister N. Tserenbat met Japanese delegates headed by Sato Mitsumi, Chief Representative of JICA Mongolia Office, on November 22.
At the meeting, Sato Mitsumi gave a briefing about a project on national capacity building for greenhouse gas inventories, which will commence from next year within bilateral technical cooperation. The project aims at formulating a strategy on estimating GHG emissions and removals, and building a capacity of personnel in this field.
The Minister pointed out that the project will also play an important role to raise Mongolia’s contribution to international initiative against climate change. He expressed commitment to support realization of the project.
Minister N. Tserenbat also said that the ministry sets a goal to raise income from tourism by means of introducing specific standards within short term and creating jobs in tourism; therefore he put forward a request of technical cooperation to fulfill the goal.  
M. Unurzul