“Mongolia is attracting foreign investments and reviving its economy”

2016-09-08 17:12:08

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The government of Mongolia is focusing on reviving economy and attracting foreign investments as the governmental actions priority, said J.Erdenebat, the Prime Minister of Mongolia at a courtesy call he paid Thursday on Geoff Regan, the Speaker of the House of Commons (lower house) of the Canadian Parliament on an official visit to Mongolia.

The Premier said the Mongolia-Canada relations and cooperation have been expanding year by year in all spheres, and emphasized that the investment and economic sectors are the major spheres of bilateral bilateral relations, therefore are contributing to their deepening.

“Canada is one of the Third Neighbors of Mongolia and is an important partner in North America. So, Mongolia aspires to progress the ties on a comprehensive partnership level,” the Premier underlined. He added that the Mongolia-Canada intergovernmental agreement on promotion and protection of investments established today will open Mongolia's door broader to Canadian investors.

“Canada is leading today among other counties by the size of investments made to Mongolia. I thank Canada for rendering official developmental assistance to Mongolia on behalf of the government. I will focus my attention to making the Canadian aid more fruitful and adequate,” he said. J.Erdenebat PM then expressed the willingness to learn Canadian experiences in boosting important sectors such as agriculture, infrastructure, renewable energy, finance, environmentally-friendly industries, science, technology, education, health, tourism and green development.

The Canadian Speaker believes that the intergovernmental agreement will contribute to broadening bilateral cooperation, and thanked the Mongolian government for taking actions to create a favorable condition for foreign investors.    

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