Children make their first robots

2018-09-13 16:57:24
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On September 13, the Liaison Office of Japan’s KOSEN - National Institute of Technology in Mongolia in collaboration with the Creative Future of Mongolia NGO organized a robocon workshop themed ’My First Robot-3’ at the Ulaanbaatar city Public Library. Participant children of the workshop made robots by themselves.

A teacher from a technology college of Japan provided a training on how to make sensor-based cleaning robots. He said “This robot was created in Japan 30 years ago. It is designated for automatic vacuum cleaning with its sensors. By learning how to make this, children will gain engineering education and practical knowledge and will become a creative citizen in the future”.

The event was held for the third time under the program 'Creative Future of Mongolia – Let's Learn Technology’ and the previous workshop taught how to make self-moving sensor-based robots. Three workshops involved over 150 children from secondary schools.

Head of the Creative Future of Mongolia NGO and representative of the Citizen's Representative Meeting Ts.Baigalmaa noted “The children’s active participation and desire to learn indicates the outcome of our event. This is one of the many activities for training future engineers. Numerous programs and projects are to be carried out in the future.”