Book barintag donated to National Library

2018-02-21 13:50:11
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The National Library hosted a book cover donation event today within the ‘Save the History’ project, run by JCI Mongolia NGO.

Traditionally books were wrapped in cotton cloth or barintag. Initiated in 2015, the project aims to renew barintags of 35,000 books and scripts kept by the National Library of Mongolia that have decayed. In scope of the project, a barintag donation event is held at the library every year.

A number of people attended today's event, and two organizations that donated more than 108 books were rewarded.

Last year, 5,203 book cloths were donated to the library within the project. More than 80 organizations, groups and individuals have participated in the project to date. As such, the ‘Save the History’ project has helped find more than 15 thousand barintags  since 2015.

As the project continues in 2018, donation of 108 English books written on Mongolian studies to the National Library has been planned.