April 13 events

2018-04-13 10:12:58
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The following events are expected on April 13:
9AM: Department of Child Development of the Nagoya University of the Arts organizes an international consultation ‘Intellectual Disability: Research, Policy, Implementation’ in ‘Distance Training Center’ of the Mongolian National University of Education.
9AM: The Association of Mongolian Advocates holds a discussion ‘Draft Law on Advocacy’ in Library of the National University of Mongolia.
9AM: A seminar themed ‘Promoting Human Rights and Labor Right through European Union GSP+ mechanism’ takes place in Puma Imperial hotel.

10AM: ‘NUM Parliament’ or the first model meeting of students' parliament is co-held by the National University of Mongolia and the Parliamentary Office in the State House.
11:30AM: Japanese scholars present a new energy source device which was invented in the result of 30 year’s of study at the Mongol News press center.
12:30AM: ‘Tsast Tsagaan Altai’ NGO holds a press briefing on new technology and scientific discovery in Mongol News press center.

2PM: Food and Agriculture Department of Ulaanbaatar city organizes a training among entities on standards of labels on goods in Governor’s Office of Ulaanbaatar City.
2:30PM: ‘Education Supermarket-2018’ begins in the Cultural Palace of Mongolian Trade Unions.
6:30PM: An introduction of a book ‘Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities’ by philosopher S.Molor-Erdene takes place in Ulaanbaatar hotel.