NUM and K-Data concluded a memorandum of cooperation

2018-04-26 11:43:35
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ National University of Mongolia (NUM) and Korea Data Agency (K-Data) signed a memorandum of cooperation on April 25. K-Data is a state organization responsible for enhancing competitiveness of the data industry, supporting and promoting the creation of a new data-based business.

President of NUM Ya.Tumurbaatar said “Machine Intelligence Laboratory at NUM and its professors’ teams conduct researches to create a digital database and compile data from accurate, complete, original and multiple sources. Although we have certain skills and experience, we are delighted to work with you on its development. Our university has great interest in developing large data, data engineering and data management in the country, creating new technologies in this area, train and employ more specialists”.
Under the cooperation the Department of Information and Computer Sciences at NUM will obtain a licensed software for database management system from K-Data and mediate other public organization with K-data to launch the cooperation. It is also planned to implement transnational project and programs on data technology.

The cooperation agreement has been discussed and opportunities for the cooperation have been studied since 2015. And the memorandum was concluded as it was considered that the university and industry cooperation can be developed in the framework of the data technology.