Ulaanbaatar holds Car-Free Day on June 5 and 6

2015-08-25 11:39:29

A Car-Free Day event was organized last Saturday for the fifth time this year, under a theme “For Ensuring Children’s Safety”, as a follow-up to the United Nations Global Road Safety Week. Globally, the Car-Free days are observed on September 22nd every year.

The second annual Car-Free Day in Mongolia saw the international Ulaanbaatar Marathon, gathering 17300 runners from Mongolia and 19 different countries, challenging them in professional and amateur categories. Parents held a “Stroller Parade 2015”, a peaceful demonstration which sent a message to the government demanding the children’s rights to healthy and secure living environment. Along with the above actions, the Mongolian Youth Union officially welcomed the commencing of this year’s “Alcohol or Sports?” campaign, organized every year since 2012. On the sidelines of the opening, the Youth Union in collaboration with “Young Cyclers Club” also organized a bicycle parade. Without a single engine vehicle, the central streets of Ulaanbaatar were genuinely peaceful on last Saturday. Citizens of Ulaanbaatar were saying they wished such events to take place more often.

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