Buckwheat to be cultivated on Mongolian soil in Japanese technology

2017-04-28 11:40:52
Japanese high quality buckwheat, which is a main ingredient of soba noodle, Japanese favorite national dish, is being cultivated on Mongolian soil starting this spring.
Agriculture specialists from Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan, which has cooperative relations with Selenge province visited Zuunburen soum of the province and shared their experience on buckwheat cultivation.  Zuunburen, Baruunburen and Orkhontuul soums of Selenge province have experience in cultivating buckwheat before, however they had stopped planting it because they failed to sale the crop, as there are no buckwheat hulls cleaning machines or a special factory. But now the farmers are happy to cultivate buckwheat again as they will sell the crop to foreign market. Planting will be made with kitawase, the best Japanese sort of buckwheat seed and the crop will be supplied to Japanese market by the authorities of Selenge aimag together with Japanese ‘Daiwon” company.
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