Соревнование охотничьих собак

2017-11-08 14:26:50

A competition of hunting dogs captured mass attention during the Horse Festival held last weekend in Batnorov soum, Khentii aimag.

Training dogs for hunting for animals and bait is a traditional practice of Mongolians inherited from ancient time.

Nomads widely used dogs for hunting and keep a tradition of calling their dogs as watchdog, sheepdog and hunting dog. In modern time, dogs are rarely used for hunting, but in countryside, people still train dogs for hunting and herding.

The hunting dogs kept by mongolians have special qualities including long snout, slender body, thin legs and thin belly. A good hunting dog is born with many ridges on the roof of its mouth, so those who want to keep a hunting dog considers these characteristics. It is often said that a puppy having more than 15 ridges would be a good choice. Furthermore, a dog having 19 and more ridges would be tremendously fast dogs.

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