Russian military monument rehabilitated

2017-11-10 16:24:53

On the occasion of the 96th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Russia, a monument named ‘Glory of Military’ located in the center of Gobi-Sumber aimag, has been rehabilitated.

Soviet-Mongolian military units commanded by Soviet Army General I.A. Pliev were temporarily deployed in 1945, around Choir, center of Gobi-Sumber province.

The monument was erected in 1975 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Victory in the  Great Patriotic War when Soviet Union’s 41st motor-shooting division was deployed in Mongolia. The monument is 13-meter high historical memorial, following Chinggis Khaan Statue and Monument for Soviet soldiers on Zaisan Hill in Ulaanbaatar. 

The monument that was deteriorated due to the time of period has been rehabilitated by Ulaanbaatar Railway, Mongolia-Russia Joint Venture. In recent years, a number of Russian tourists coming to Choir tend to increase and people who were then attending the military service in Choir and their families pay a tribute to the monument.

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