‘Mongol Basalt’ Company enters into Japanese market

“Mongol Basalt” Company is preparing to export its products to Japanese market starting from 2018.
When Mr L.Ariunbold, Director of the Mongol Basalt company and Mr Kazuyuki Ono, General Manager of the Ulaanbaatar Liaison Office, Marubeni Corporation, discussed their cooperation outcomes of 2017, Mr Kazuyuki Ono highlighted that Marubeni Corporation successfully conducted technological experiments to produce fire-resistant thread and tape from basalt wool produced by Mongol Basalt company.
At laboratory level, they also conducted experiment of using basalt wool in ingredients to produce vehicle brake pads and other industrial brakes. 
Mr. Kazuyuki Ono added that Marubeni Corporation has been fully satisfied with its cooperation with Mongol Basalt Company over the past 5 years.
By introducing the energy-saving and heat-loss preventing stone wool, “Mongol Basalt” is striving to make its contribution to curb air pollution in Ulaanbaatar and reduce global warming through lowering emission of carbon dioxide in the air.
To achieve its goal, the company has been involved in numerous major construction and investment projects. For instance, the company took part in construction of Chinggis Khaan Equestrian Statue by “Jenko Tour Bureau” company, using their product in the interior lining of the monument as well as in the project of Urgoo Cinema expansion, supplying sound-proof wall panels.
Moreover, the company has proved its products’ quality in the latest major construction works in the capital city, such as ‘Ulaanbaatar Department Store’, ‘Shangri La’ and ‘Ramada’ hotels, ‘Jiguur Grand’ buildings and the new international airport.
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