Bronze Gold Anvil epic performed at Bogd Khaan Museum

2018-02-15 15:13:57

The Bronze Gold Anvil epic was performed at the King Epic hall of the Bogd Khaan Museum on the last day of the last month of winter as a good omen.

As a tradition, spectators who come to listen to the epic performance have to purify their mind and body by offering milk to deities of Altai and Khangai Mountains wishing the best for Tsagaan Sar, Lunar New Year. The origin of epic dates back to the Bronze Age. Epic is a narrative poem that has passed over from generation to generation orally.  In long winter days, Mongolian used to come together and invite an epic teller to listen to the epic for several days and sometimes for several months. The Bronze Gold Anvil was told by Baldandorj, the ninth generation of epic tellers.

A.Baldandorj, prominent epic teller, “I performed the Brozne Gold Anvil epic poem over six hours. This epic is considered as a short epic compared to long ones. The epic season is closed with this mild epic whereas heroic epics have been told in wintertime, according to old tradition of Mongolians. Since ancient times, Mongolians have believed that the epic has  everything dark and evil away and protects children and elderly.

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