More projects backed by South Korea to be implemented in rural areas

2018-11-07 11:42:16

Selenge /MONTSAME/ Governor of Selenge aimag Sh.Orgil met with delegates headed by Jeong Jae Nam, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Mongolia on October 31, discussing cooperation opportunities.

The delegates made a two-day visit to Selenge aimag. Apart from seeing the aimag, the aims of their visit were to personally get acquainted with the operation of Altanbulag border checkpoint and implementation process of the projects backed by South Korea. As for the Altanbulag border checkpoint, South Korea financed renovation of some of its equipment.

At the meeting, Ambassador Jeong Jae Nam said  he noticed that the projects between Mongolia and South Korea have mostly been carried out in Ulaanbaatar and thus, the delegation is working in the rural areas with an aim to change this situation. The ambassador also expressed his willingness to support activities in tourism and agriculture sectors.