D.Sumiyabazar: licenses of Eco Altan Zaamar will be cancelled

2019-03-15 17:59:36

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/ In connection with the accident happened in late February at the open-pit gold mine of Eco Altan Zaamar Company in Tuv aimag which took lives of four miners, Mining and Heavy Industry Minister D.Sumiyabazar expressed his deep condolences during a monthly conference ‘Transparent and accountable mining’ held on 15 March.


“This is a consequence of unaccountable mining activity being done by unprofessionals and those who do not follow instructions of professionals and engineers, but seek profits only.”  

He informed the ministry’s decision to cancel all of four mining licenses of Eco Altan Zaamar Company, adding that the Ministry is waiting for a conclusion to be issued by the State Professional Inspection Agency.  

“The incident is an example of dispersed responsibilities and duties of the mining-related higher and lower level government organizations and local organizations. It needs a legal change. For instance, the Ministry is authorized to issue a license, but does not have the right to cancel it. Instead, the State Professional Inspection Agency is authorized to cancel licenses,” stressed the Minister.


So far, there are 3022 licenses: 1342 exploration and 1680 mining licenses, registered at the Cadastre Registration System. The total licensed area makes up 5.4 percent of the country’s territory.