Project launches to improve livelihoods through community vegetable farming

Economy | Agriculture
2019-03-22 12:52:17

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ ‘Community Vegetable Farming for Livelihood Improvementproject launching was held on March 21.

Acting State Secretary of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry T.Jambaltseren, Head of the Land Policy Coordination Department of the ministry Ts.Bolorchuluun, representatives of Asian Development Bank (ADB), Embassy of Japan and consulting organizations attended the project launching.

The project aims to reduce the amount of vegetable import, unemployment and poverty through strengthening vegetable seed production, promoting communities, mechanizing agriculture, increasing the capacity of cellars, winter and summer greenhouses.

Financed by the ADB, the project will be implemented in Ulaangom soum of Uvs aimag, Bornuur soum of Tuv, Orkhon soum of Darkhan-Uul and Yeroo soum of Selenge aimag respectively until 2020.

As a result, the project will form model for community vegetable farming, introduce sustainable farming technologies and practices, improve the livelihoods of farmers.