Discussion held on new satellite city in Khushig Valley

2019-04-17 14:28:10

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Chairman of the Citizens’ Representative Khural of the Capital city R.Dagva became acquainted with the general development plan for the satellite city, Aerocity, which will be built near the new airport in Khushig Valley, Tuv aimag, and held a discussion with the corresponding officials.

To make the city’s development smart at the level of international standard, the main development priorities were defined in conformance with planned citizens’ settlement and the effects of the economy. “The industries planned for neighboring cities, soums and aimags will not overlap in the aerocity,” reported the officials.


With an area of 12,000 hectares, the city will be developed in six main zones, which are residential, office, industrial, green area, mixed and infrastructure. Of the six zones, the largest zone will be the green area, which will cover about 5,000 hectares.

Chairman of the Citizens’ Representative Khural of the Capital city R.Dagva said, “We held a discussion on the strategic plans for the new city with the officials of the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports as well as the governing body of Tuv aimag. The policy and planning for the city have been developed by the aimag. The governing body of Ulaanbaatar city has also introduced the policy that will be implemented. The officials of the ministries also shared their suggestions. Despite the need to bring together the concepts and suggestions, it is great that we have begun the work of establishing the new city.”

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