Negative impacts of raw coal consumption on health promoted

2019-05-15 16:20:38

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ An event to promote the negative impact of raw coal consumption on health initiated by the Ministry of Health was held today on May 15. The event was co-organized with the World Health Organization (WHO) Representative Office in Mongolia, Air Pollution Reduction Department of the capital city and other relevant organizations.

Based on the survey among 25 thousand households of ger area, it was planned to develop refined fuel distribution system, provide support and discounts on electric heaters, insulation materials, filters and eco toilets, said Ch.Gantulga, General Secretary of National Committee on Environmental Pollution Reduction.

WHO Representative in Mongolia Sergey Diorditsa noted “As a result of outdoor and indoor air pollution, about seven million people worldwide die from stroke, cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer and respiratory infections annually. More than 80 percent of the world's urban population lives in the environment with PM2.5 air particle levels higher than the WHO Guideline on air quality.”

Over three billion people worldwide depend on carbon emitters such as coal and kerosene, burning it for heating, lighting and cooking. Increasing access to clean fuel and technology at home can greatly reduce air pollution. Clean air should be everyone’s concern. Therefore, let’s do our best to keep the air clean and not pollute it, he continued. Mr. Sergey Diorditsa also said that the WHO is supporting Mongolia’s initiation to ban raw coal consumption, taking bold steps towards combating air pollution.

In connection with the raw coal ban in the capital city, it was decided to replace the raw coal with refined fuel. According to the laboratory results, the briquettes has 1.5 lower ash content, 1.6 higher heat efficiency and 1.1 higher toughness.