Minister Ch.Ulaan works in Selenge aimag

2019-05-27 11:24:43

Selenge /MONTSAME/ On May 24, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry Ch.Ulaan worked in Selenge aimag, getting acquainted with progress of spring cultivation on the site.  

The Minister was welcomed by the Governor of the aimag and informed on progress of sowing running throughout Selenge aimag, weather condition and celebration of the 60th historic anniversary of bringing virgin land under cultivation.

Minister Ch.Ulaan visited crop fields of ‘Selenge Taria’ LLC in Tsagaannuur soum, ‘Mo Mo Agro’ Company and 'Tsegeen Hust Company’ in Khushaat soum and ‘Gazar Agro’ intensified cattle farm in Zuunburen soum respectively.

Low precipitation is causing adverse impact on cultivation this year, said the farmers during the meeting with the Minister. Currently, grain sowing is running at 58.6 percent, wheat --at 60 percent, potatoes --at 41.5 percent and vegetable --at 30 percent throughout Selenge aimag.  

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