Mongolia to build its second satellite

2019-06-05 14:54:08

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On June 4, Laboratory of Nano Satellite Development at the National University of Mongolia (NUM) presented the project on ‘Temuulel’ satellite to be used for geographical purposes in Mongolia.

Based on their previous experience, experts and basic system, the team behind the first Mongolian satellite ‘Mazaalai’ is working on the development of ‘Temuulel’ satellite. The satellite’s mission will be sending images of the country, collecting information on climate, soil and environment, and inspect failure rate of high voltage semiconductors caused by cosmic ray.

The project is expected to cost around USD 300-400 thousand and once the funding is solved it will be launched in early 2021. ‘Temuulel’ will be the same size as ‘Mazaalai’.

Producing the satellite at home will make great contribution to the development of national space technology, creating high tech devices at home, personnel training and spreading knowledge in the field.

Hero of Mongolia, cosmonaut J.Gurragchaa noted “Satellite launching requires considerable investment, the project needs major investment from the government and businesses. In order to keep in line with global innovations in spaces and latest technology, government documents and policy are needed. Satellites can even be the business that would provide Mongolia’s needs.”

The recommendations of the meeting will be submitted to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet Secretariat of Mongolia.