Mongolian peacekeepers give humanitarian aid to African village

2019-06-12 18:16:24

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. The eighth batch of Mongolian peacekeepers serving in South Sudan has organized hospital-humanitarian activity themed ‘Golden Stethoscope’ in the village of Kong in South Sudan on June 3-8.

Caused by conflicts between clans, the village men fled. Moreover, there are higher rates of stomach disease in the village due to water scarcity and hardness of drinking water. 

The opening ceremony of the humanitarian activity was attended by head of the eighth batch and Colonel D.Javkhlanbayar, local authorities and staff of the Kong village hospital.

Expressing his gratitude to the peacekeepers and the Government of Mongolia, Head of the Kong village Kang Kuol highlighted that the medical service being provided by the Mongolian peacekeepers is giving a new future to citizens and elders that faced hardships, especially children and women who are inaccessible to get medical service due to long distances.

Covering the distance of 15 km in harsh weather conditions over the course of 5 hours, the UN peacekeepers installed a medical equipment at the ambulatory care unit of the local primary health care facility. Doing surgeries and complete medical checkups of ENT, nervous system, digestive system, teeth as well as ultrasounds, cardiographic test and others, they gave advice and training to patients. 

With aims of supporting the local health care service, the health institutions of the UN, Mongolia and Vietnam jointly donated medical items, such as 27 types of medicines, injections, bandages and medical gloves.