‘50:100’ tourist complex opens in Khuvsgul

2019-07-09 13:14:12

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A new tourist complex commenced on the intersection of  50 and 100 degrees of longitude and latitude in Erkhel valley in the territory of Alag-Erdene soum of Khuvsgul aimag.

The new complex with monuments and outdoor theatre was built by local companies. There are only four points on Earth where 50 and 100 degrees of longitude and latitude intersect, two of which are in the Pacific and Indian oceans and two are found on land. One of the latter is located on the highway in Canada and another one is found in Khuvsgul aimag of Mongolia. The crossing point in Erkhel valley of Alag-Erdene soum is the most accessible one. With the commencement of the complex, it is now possible for tourists to visit the site and spend time in comfortable conditions.

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