130 thousand tons of refined fuel reserved

2019-07-23 17:36:38

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Minister of Environment and Tourism and the head of the National Committee for Environmental Pollution Reduction N.Tserenbat got familiarized with the production process of refined fuel at the site. 

Household in ger areas need a total of 600 thousand tons of fuel during the cold seasons. Currently, some 130 thousand tons of refined fuel were produced and reserved. It will be distributed through 500 points in Ulaanbaatar, 40 of which are for storage and the remaining for the sales. The refined fuel will be sold to the households by a special card, which will be red by card terminal or an application. Thus, it is assumed that there will be no complications with the purchase.

It is arranged to place the briquettes in two storehouses in the east and the west of Ulaanbaatar, one in the factory yard and another at Amgalan terminal. Currently, 90 tons of refined fuel are placed in Amgalan storehouse.

Minister N.Tserenbat obliged the relevant officials to intensify the establishment of sales points and storehouses, increase the reserves, improve the control over raw coal consumption in the capital and provide the people with regular information on house insulation.