‘Mongolia today’ photojournalists program kicks off

2019-08-12 15:31:58

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ At the initiation of MONTSAME News Agency and the United Association of Mongolian Photographers with the support from the National Branding Council and Governor’s Office, the ‘Mongolia today’ international  photojournalists program launched today, on August 12.

The program is being organized for the second year with the aims to show Mongolia to the world through a positive lens and enhancing photo archives of international media agencies.

In 2018, photo reporters from international news agencies including TASS, Russia Today, Xinhua and Kyodo participated in the program. This year, in addition to the above mentioned agencies photojournalists from South Korea’s Yonhap news agency and Anadolu agency of Turkey arrived in Ulaanbaatar to make photo reportage in Mongolia.

The participants will take a photo tour in Ulaanbaatar-Tuv aimag-Khentii (birthplace of Chinggis Khaan)-Dornod (within the frames of the 80th anniversary of Khalkhin Gol Battle) between August 12 and 20.