Dinosaur fossils found in soum center

2019-10-11 13:56:56

Umnugobi /MONTSAME/ Construction workers who were digging foundations for an apartment building for civil servants in the center of Tsogt-Ovoo soum, Umnugobi aimag, have come across dinosaur fossils.

Director of the Cultural Center of the soum center Mr. Ganbold said “We informed the Institute of Paleontology and Geology and the National Center for Cultural Heritage immediately. Thus, professionals came here and found three shin bone fossils as a result of an excavation. The discoveries were then taken to Ulaanbaatar on October 9 and will be brought back to the local museum after restoration”

Researchers’ initial supposition is that the fossils belong to Diplodocus, a 15-27.2 m long herbivore dinosaur whose weight equals that of two giant elephants.

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