Biopreparation Production Plant restored

2019-10-23 11:39:45

Ulaaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Biopreparation Production Plant has been restored and started its operation. Opening of the plant, which was restored in line with ‘Requirements for pharmaceutical plant’ and 'Requirements for Biopreparation plant' standards, took place at the National Center for Public Health on October 22. 

The plant has a capacity to supply 10-15 percent of total need of protein preparations such as albumin and immunoglobulin. In aims of producing vaccines and bio preparations in Mongolia and ensuring population and medical sector’s need with products of domestic pharmaceutical plant, the plant was founded in 1932. 

“As of today, medical organizations and citizens are providing their need with high-cost, imported bio preparations to compensate protein during illnesses such as liver and other types of cancers, bleeding after birth and surgery, injury, burn and kidney failure. Operation of the plant was stopped in 2010, however all equipment and devices were fully renewed with MNT 1.5 billion investment of the Government and the Ministry of Health in 2014. Thanks to the technological renovation, six types of products were registered in the state registration, receiving their certificates. A protein preparation unit opens today with cost of about MNT 100 million provided by the Ministry of Health. When the plant operates with its full capacity, it is capable to ensure around 25-30 percent of albumin consumption of the country. It is available to be sold at 10-30 percent cheaper than imported preparations,” Head of Biotechnology Innovation Department of the National Center for Public Health B.Ichinkhorloo said.

A blood preparation unit that produces albumin, immunoglobulin and histamine that are in demand at the market will be commissioned in the first shift. Since blood preparations have not been produced since 2010, experimental manufacturing will run for 2-3 times to adopt technology. Other products will be produced from next year and the plant will operate with its full capacity, said the officials.