Programme on exchanging educational practices taking place

2019-12-11 17:03:11

Dornogobi /MONTSAME/. According to the sub programme, ‘Let’s learn from our neighboring countries’, approved by the Presidium of the Citizens’ Representative Khural of Dornogobi aimag, the aimag is working in partnership with the education sector of the Russian Federation, and the People’s Republic of China.


Through the partnership agreement signed with universities of Irkutsk, Russia, six senior-year students of Irkutsk State Pedagogical University worked in Sainshand soum for 14 days from November 22.


While working at schools of Sainshand and Zamiin-Uud soums, they taught Russian language lessons for students alongside working on increasing the students’ interest in learning the language, and assisting teachers in methodology. 


In the framework of the partnership, 32 student teachers of Irkutsk city have visited Dornogobi aimag, while 70 students and 29 teachers of the aimag visited Irkutsk since 2016. The Russian student teachers were received by Deputy Governor of Dornogobi aimag G.Erdenetsetseg to hold a discussion about the partnership.