Burte Chono-2019 awards athletes of the year

2019-12-16 17:43:38

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. A boxer E.Tsendbaatar was named the Best of the Best Athlete of 2019 and awarded the Burte Chono Trophy at the Burte Chono 2019 Festival which was held last Friday, December 13 at Convention Center of Corporate-2 Hotel.

Burte Chono Festival, one of the most prestigious sports awards in the country, is being organized by Mongolian National Olympic Committee since 2002.

The top athletes, teams, coaches, sport committees and clubs of the year are selected through a closed poll among sports journalists of the Mongolian Sports Journalists Federation and working group of the Mongolian National Olympic Committee. This year, 70 sports journalists took part in a closed poll to name the best athletes. 


Winners of Burte Chono 2019:

Best of the Best Male Athlete of the Year: E.Tsendbaatar (boxing)

Best of the Best Female Athlete of the Year: M.Ankhtsetseg (powerlifting)

Best Male athlete of the year: D.Delgernyam (basketball) and L.Otgonbaatar (Judo)

Best Female athlete of the year: S.Battsetseg (freestyle wrestling) and M.Urantsetseg (Judo)

Best Young athlete of the year: L.Sosorbaram (judo)

Best Team of the year: National 3x3 basketball team

Best Coach of the year: B.Undralbat (shooting) and S.Tulga (3x3 basketball)

Best Olympic Committee of the year: Mongolian wrestling federation

Best Sports club of the year: Jiu jitsu club ‘Garuda’

Best National sports committee: Federation of Mongolian horse racing sports and trainer

Best Non-Olympic sport association of the year: Mongolian United Powerlifting Federation

Moreover, winners of nominations: best referee of the year, Olympic expert of the year, President of sports committee of the year, Secretary General of sports of the year, and sport journalist of the year were awarded.