Students of Darkhan-Uul visit Irkutsk

2020-01-28 16:59:38

Darkhan-Uul /MONTSAME/ 36 students and four teachers of the public school No. 15 of Darkhan-Uul aimag visited Irkutsk, Russia on January 13-21 under a student exchange program.

The exchange program aims to encourage more highschoolers to learn foreign languages, especially Russian, improve their Russian language skills and fluency, and increase the number of students on scholarships from the government of Russia.

The students and teachers of Darkhan-Uul aimag studied 11 subjects with their peers and after their class, they got acquainted with the Irkutsk State University  and school No.39 of Irkutsk, enjoying exhibitions of works created by university students and schoolchildren and museum exhibits.

The students wrapped up their trip with a concert with their Russian friends.