New government structure approved with 14 ministries and 17 ministers

2020-07-07 15:03:44

The Parliament of Mongolia today passed the bill on amendments to the government structure and composition on its first discussion and accompanying bills. The bill was submitted to the State Great Khural by the cabinet led by Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh yesterday, July 6, based on the consent of President Kh.Battulga in compliance with article 39.3 of the Constitution of Mongolia. The same day, parliamentary plenary session and the standing committee on State Structure discussed the proposal with no objection raised for the bill. 

The approved bill amendments lay out updated structure of the government cabinet with a total of 14 ministries, including 6 ministries of general function and 8 sectoral ministries as follows. 

Ministries of general function

1. Ministry of Environment and Tourism 

2. Ministry of Defense 

3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

4. Ministry of Finance 

5. Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs 

6. Ministry of Labor and Social Protection 

Sectoral ministries 

1. Ministry of Construction and Urban Development 

2. Ministry of Education and Science

3. Ministry of Road and Transport Development 

4. Ministry of Culture 

5. Ministry Mining and Heavy Industry 

6. Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry 

7. Ministry of Energy 

8. Ministry of Health 

The new cabinet will have 17 members, including Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Head of the Cabinet Secretariat and affiliated ministers.

The former ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports is now separated into two ministries as part of the new cabinet for effective implementation of the state policy in areas of culture, science and education, building of a system for restoration of cultural values and proper management of innovation projects and programs. It also sets out to assign the responsibilities of the sports management and policy to the Sports Committee - government regulatory agency under the Prime Minister taking the demand for promotion of public physical activity and improve population health into consideration. 

The accompanying law to the government structure and composition also outlines to have 12 regulatory and 23 implementing agencies within the cabinet. Matters connected to the implementation of measures against the air pollution were included in the responsibilities of the cabinet ministers. The new government is seeking to reduce air pollution by up to 80 percent again as the previous government chaired by Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh managed to accomplish up to 50-percent of drops in air pollution last year. 

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