Liquid egg factory commissioned

2020-08-05 12:49:06

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ “Tumen Shuvuut’ JSC, listed on the Mongolian Stock Exchange, has produced 33.5 million pieces of egg in the first half of 2020. This is an increased performance by 2 million pieces compared to the same period of the previous year or its production has grown up by 6 percent. And the company has earned MNT 11.7 billion sales revenue in the reporting period.

As told in its 2020 semi-annual financial and operational report, the Company has commissioned a liquid egg factory, assembling fully automatic, European standard complete equipment manufactured by “Dion Engineering” Company of Bulgaria. 

In addition, “Tumen Shuvuut” JSC has launched operation of its new poultry farm in a place called “Ikh Bulag” located in Songinokhairkhan district of the capital city as receiving 40.000 chicks. It has also put an organic fertilizer factory into operation and started supplying 100 percent organic fertilizer made from bird excrement and sawdust to the market. 

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