Virtual meeting on promotion of the amendment on Constitution takes place

2020-12-03 13:53:52

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Embassy of Mongolia to the Federal Republic of Germany in partnership with the Hanns-Seidel Stiftung (HSS) organized a virtual meeting to publicize amendments to the Constitution of Mongolia.

Senior advisor to the Speaker of the Parliament D.Lundeejantsan, Director of the Parliamentary Research Institute T.Bayarmaa as well as students who are studying in Germany in law and politics, scientific workers, scholars of Mongol studies in Germany and Constitutional researchers participated in the meeting.

Senior Advisor to the Speaker of the Parliament D.Lundeejantsan, Head of HSS Representative Office in Mongolia Ts.Sarantuya, Chair of the European Law and European Public Law at the Saarland University, Former Director of Europa-Institute Ph.D Torsten Stein delivered presentations and responded to the questions from the meeting attendees.

Amendments have been made to 28.5 percent of all chapters of the Constitution of Mongolia. As a result, legal foundation has been laid to strengthen parliamentary governance, make power distribution appropriate, ensure balance as well as to improve responsibilities of institutions that are exercising supreme state power while keeping the concept and basic principles of the Constitution, Mr. D.Lundeejantsan pointed out in his presentation.  

Head of HSS Representative Office in Mongolia Ts.Sarantuya provided information on the main changes regarding Presidential power and feature of coordination of the Constitutional Court.

Reminiscing of his engagement in the process of passing the new Constitution of Mongolia based on freedom, justice, and human rights protection and entirely on principle to respect law, Mr. Torsten Stein expressed his position on the amendments of the Constitution.

In regard with the presentations, the attendees asked questions and received answers on formation of political parties, transparency in financing , power of local self-governing bodies and specialty of dispute settlement by the Constitutional Court.