Mongolian Fine Art Masterpiece ‘Aaviin Malgai’

2021-04-29 12:12:20

In this edition of the series ‘Mongolian Fine Art Masterpiece’ brought to you by MONTSAME News Agency in cooperation with Mongolian National Art Gallery, we are presenting the sculpture, ‘Aaviin Malgai’ (A Father’s Hat) by a recipient of the award of the Union of Mongolian Artists (UMA),  sculptor S.Damdinjav.

With a ratio of 50x20x20 cm, the sculpture was made by casting in bronze in 1959.

The piece depicts a naked little boy wearing his father’s hat that nearly makes him look like a mushroom. Aside from depicting the boy’s cute and innocent side, the sculpture also shows his wish to grow up to be a strong man just like his father.

The establishment of a division specializing in cast sculpture at the Union of Mongolian Artists in 1956 is seen as a major milestone in the Mongolian sculpture scene. One of the many dozens of bronze cast sculptures that were made through the division is this particular sculpture by S.Damdinjav.

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, the Mongolian National Art Gallery has opened an exhibit to highlight works of fine art by Mongolian artists, one of which is the sculpture ‘Aaviin Malgai’. In connection with the current situation of the pandemic, the gallery has also put together a virtual exhibit called ‘Quarantine Gallery’. Click this link to see the virtual exhibit. ( 

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