Saikhanii Khutul National Park

2021-05-12 19:14:28

In the “birthplace” of the Mongolian Revolution of 1921 - Selenge aimag, there are many beautiful sites that are connected to historical events of Mongolia. One of them is the Saikhanii Khutul National Park, which is located about 10 km from Sukhbaatar city near the border of Russia.

Previously named as ‘Temeen Khuzuutiin Khutul’, it is said that the area came to be called as ‘Saikhanii Khutul’ since one of the prominent leaders of the 1921 Revolution, General D.Sukhbaatar, couldn’t help but exclaimed, “What a truly wonderful mountain pass,” upon seeing it. During the battle for liberation of Khiagt in 1921, the Mongolian army soldiers used to station there as a brief stop or to spend the night.

Saikhanii Khutul is a must-visit destination for travelers in Selenge aimag. It is common for travelers to start on their journey to the area before dawn, so that they could watch the sunrise and see the exquisite natural beauty in its full glory.

One of the beautiful natural landscapes in the Saikhanii Khutul area is the Orkhon-Selenge junction area. The two large rivers join here and flow further into the Lake Baikal in Russia.

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