30 percent discount to be given on wheat seeds

Economy | Agriculture
2021-05-13 09:02:55

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ At its meeting on May 12, the Cabinet decided to give discounts on the imported seeds in the Agriculture Support Fund amid the pandemic. Specifically, a 30 percent discount will be given on wheat seeds, 50 percent discount on feed crop and potato seeds and agricultural films, and an 80 percent discount on seeds of field vegetables and greenhouse crops. 

This year, crop seeds will be planted on 389 thousand hectares, of which wheat will be grown on 368 thousand hectares, potatoes on 18 thousand hectares, other vegetables on 10 thousand hectares, feed crops on 66 thousand hectares, oil plants on 40 thousand hectares and fruits and berries on 7,000 hectares. 

Around 496 thousand tons of crops - 471 thousand tons of wheat, 222 thousand tons of potatoes, 116 thousand tons of other vegetables, 170 thousand tons of feed crops, 26 thousand tons of oil plants, and 3,000 tons of fruits and vegetables - will be harvested and 360 thousand hectares of farmland will be fallowed.